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FMEFunctional.h File Reference

Definitions of functors used in FME layout. More...

#include <ogdf/basic/basic.h>

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struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::composition_functor< FuncFirst, FuncSecond >
 Functor for composing two other functors. More...
struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::const_condition< result >
 condition functor for returning a constant boolean value More...
struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::do_nothing
 the useless do nothing function More...
struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::if_then_else_functor< CondType, ThenType, ElseType >
 Functor for conditional usage of a functor. More...
struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::min_max_functor< T >
 generic min max functor for an array More...
struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::not_condition_functor< Func >
 functor for negating a condition More...
struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::pair_call_functor< F, A >
 helper functor to generate a pair as parameters More...
struct  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::pair_vice_versa_functor< Func >
 functor for invoking a functor for a pair(u,v) and then (v,u) More...


namespace  ogdf
 The namespace for all OGDF objects.
namespace  ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder


using ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::false_condition = const_condition< false >
using ogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::true_condition = const_condition< true >
 the corresponding typedefs


template<typename FuncFirst , typename FuncSecond >
static composition_functor< FuncFirst, FuncSecondogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::func_comp (const FuncFirst &first, const FuncSecond &second)
 create a functor composition of two functors
template<typename CondType , typename ThenType >
static if_then_else_functor< CondType, ThenTypeogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::if_then (const CondType &cond, const ThenType &thenFunc)
 creates an if then functor with a condition and a then functor
template<typename CondType , typename ThenType , typename ElseType >
static if_then_else_functor< CondType, ThenType, ElseTypeogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::if_then_else (const CondType &cond, const ThenType &thenFunc, const ElseType &elseFunc)
 creates an if then else functor with a condition and a then and an else functor
template<typename Func >
static not_condition_functor< Funcogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::not_condition (const Func &func)
 creator of the negator
template<typename F , typename A >
static pair_call_functor< F, Aogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::pair_call (F f, A a)
 creates a pair call resulting in a call f(a, *)
template<typename Func >
static pair_vice_versa_functor< Funcogdf::fast_multipole_embedder::pair_vice_versa (const Func &f)
 creates a functor for invoking a functor for a pair(u,v) and then (v,u)

Detailed Description

Definitions of functors used in FME layout.

Martin Gronemann
This file is part of the Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF).
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Definition in file FMEFunctional.h.