Graph Drawing

 v. 2022.02 (Dogwood)

energybased Directory Reference
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directory  davidson_harel
directory  dtree
directory  fast_multipole_embedder
directory  fmmm
directory  multilevel_mixer
directory  spring_embedder


file  DavidsonHarel.h [code]
 Declares class DavidsonHarel which implements the Davidson-Harel approach for drawing graphs.
file  DavidsonHarelLayout.h [code]
 Declares class DavidsonHarelLayout, which is a front-end for the DavidsonHarel class.
file  DTreeMultilevelEmbedder.h [code]
file  FastMultipoleEmbedder.h [code]
 Declaration of Fast-Multipole-Embedder layout algorithm.
file  FMMMLayout.h [code]
 Declaration of Fast Multipole Multilevel Method (FM^3).
file  ForceLayoutModule.h [code]
 Declaration of interface for energy-based layout algorithms (class ForceLayoutModule)
file  GEMLayout.h [code]
 Declaration of class GEMLayout.
file  MultilevelLayout.h [code]
 Declaration of class MultilevelLayout which realizes a wrapper for the multilevel layout computation using the Modular Multilevel Mixer.
file  NodeRespecterLayout.h [code]
 Declaration of class NodeRespecterLayout.
file  PivotMDS.h [code]
 Declaration of the pivot MDS. By setting the number of pivots to infinity this algorithm behaves just like classical MDS. See Brandes and Pich: Eigensolver methods for progressive multidi- mensional scaling of large data.
file  SpringEmbedderFRExact.h [code]
 Declaration of ogdf::SpringEmbedderFRExact.
file  SpringEmbedderGridVariant.h [code]
 Declaration of ogdf::SpringEmbedderGridVariant.
file  SpringEmbedderKK.h [code]
 Declaration of ogdf::SpringEmbedderKK.
file  SpringForceModel.h [code]
 Declaration of SpringForceModel enumeration.
file  StressMinimization.h [code]
 Declration of stress minimized layout based on majorization. It can be applied to connected as well as unconnected graphs. If the graph is disconnected either the infinite distances will be replaced by the average edge costs times sqrt(n) or the components will be processed separately.
file  TutteLayout.h [code]
 Declaration of ogdf::TutteLayout.