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exceptions.h File Reference

Definition of exception classes. More...

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class  ogdf::AlgorithmFailureException
 Exception thrown when an algorithm realizes an internal bug that prevents it from continuing. More...
class  ogdf::DynamicCastFailedException
 Exception thrown when result of cast is 0. More...
class  ogdf::Exception
 Base class of all ogdf exceptions. More...
class  ogdf::InsufficientMemoryException
 Exception thrown when not enough memory is available to execute an algorithm. More...
class  ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedException
 Exception thrown when an external library shall be used which is not supported. More...
class  ogdf::NoStdComparerException
 Exception thrown when a required standard comparer has not been specialized. More...
class  ogdf::TypeNotSupportedException
 Exception thrown when a data type is not supported by a generic function. More...


namespace  ogdf
 The namespace for all OGDF objects.


Throwing exceptions
#define OGDF_FLUSH_OUTPUTS   std::cout << std::flush, ::ogdf::Logger::sfout() << std::flush
 Flushes some output streams.
 Replacement for throw.
 Replacement for throw.


enum class  ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode {
  ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Unknown , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::IllegalParameter , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::NoFlow , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Sort , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Label , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::ExternalFace , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::ForbiddenCrossing , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::TimelimitExceeded , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::NoSolutionFound , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::IndexOutOfBounds , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::PrimalBound , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::DualBound , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::NotInteger , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Buffer ,
  ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::AddVar , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Sorter , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Phase , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Active , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::NoSolution , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::MakeFeasible , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Guarantee , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::BranchingVariable , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Strategy , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::CloseHalf , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::StandardPool , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Variable , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::LpIf , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Lp ,
  ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Bstack , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::LpStatus , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::BranchingRule , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::FixSet , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::LpSub , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::String , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Constraint , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Pool , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Global , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::FsVarStat , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::LpVarStat , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::OsiIf , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::ConBranchRule , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Timer ,
  ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Array , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Csense , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::BPrioQueue , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::FixCand , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::BHeap , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Poolslot , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::SparVec , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Convar , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Ostream , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Hash , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::Paramaster , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::InfeasCon , ogdf::AlgorithmFailureCode::STOP
 Code for an internal failure condition. More...
enum class  ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode { ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode::Unknown , ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode::Coin , ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode::Abacus , ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode::Cgal , ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode::FunctionNotImplemented , ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode::MissingCallbackImplementation , ogdf::LibraryNotSupportedCode::STOP }
 Code for the library which was intended to get used, but its use is not supported. More...

Detailed Description

Definition of exception classes.

Carsten Gutwenger, Markus Chimani
This file is part of the Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF).
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Definition in file exceptions.h.

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#define OGDF_FLUSH_OUTPUTS   std::cout << std::flush, ::ogdf::Logger::sfout() << std::flush

Flushes some output streams.

Definition at line 43 of file exceptions.h.