Graph Drawing

 v. 2022.02 (Dogwood)

basic Directory Reference
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directory  graph_generators
directory  heap
directory  internal
directory  memory
directory  pqtree


file  AdjacencyOracle.h [code]
 Declaration of ogdf::AdjacencyOracle class.
file  AdjEntryArray.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of AdjEntryArray class.
file  Array.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of Array class and Array algorithms.
file  Array2D.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of class Array2D which implements dynamic two dimensional arrays.
file  ArrayBuffer.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of ArrayBuffer class.
file  Barrier.h [code]
 Implementation of a thread barrier.
file  basic.h [code]
 Basic declarations, included by all source files.
file  BoundedQueue.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of bounded queue class.
file  CombinatorialEmbedding.h [code]
 Declaration of CombinatorialEmbedding and face.
file  comparer.h [code]
 Declarations for Comparer objects.
file  DisjointSets.h [code]
 Implementation of disjoint sets data structures (union-find functionality).
file  DualGraph.h [code]
 Includes declaration of dual graph class.
file  EdgeArray.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of EdgeArray class.
file  EdgeComparer.h [code]
 Declares EdgeComparer class.
file  EdgeComparerSimple.h [code]
 Declares EdgeComparerSimple class.
file  EpsilonTest.h [code]
 Compare floating point numbers with epsilons and integral numbers with normal compare operators.
file  exceptions.h [code]
 Definition of exception classes.
file  extended_graph_alg.h [code]
 Declaration of extended graph algorithms.
file  FaceArray.h [code]
 declaration and implementation of FaceArray class
file  FaceSet.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of ogdf::FaceSet.
file  geometry.h [code]
 Declaration of classes GenericPoint, GenericPolyline, GenericLine, GenericSegment, DPolygon, DRect, DIntersectableRect.
file  GF2Solver.h [code]
 Defines class GF2Solver, which represents a solver for linear equation systems over GF(2).
file  Graph.h [code]
 Includes declaration of graph class.
file  Graph_d.h [code]
 Pure declaration header, find template implementation in Graph.h.
file  graph_generators.h [code]
 Declaration of graph generators.
file  GraphAttributes.h [code]
 Declaration of class GraphAttributes which extends a Graph by additional attributes.
file  GraphCopy.h [code]
 Declaration of graph copy classes.
file  graphics.h [code]
 Declaration of basic types for graphics.
file  GraphList.h [code]
 Decralation of GraphElement and GraphList classes.
file  GraphObserver.h [code]
 Abstract base class for structures on graphs, that need to be informed about graph changes (e.g. cluster graphs).
file  GridLayout.h [code]
 Declaration of class GridLayout.
file  GridLayoutMapped.h [code]
 Declaration of class GridLayoutMapped which extends GridLayout by a grid mapping mechanism.
file  HashArray.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of HashArray class.
file  HashArray2D.h [code]
 Declaration of class HashArray2D.
file  Hashing.h [code]
 Declaration of classes used for hashing.
file  HashIterator2D.h [code]
 Declaration of class HashIterator2D.
file  IncNodeInserter.h [code]
 Declaration of class IncNodeInserter.
file  Layout.h [code]
 Declaration of class Layout.
file  LayoutModule.h [code]
 Declaration of interface for layout algorithms (class LayoutModule)
file  LayoutStandards.h [code]
 Declares class LayoutStandards which specifies default / standard values used in graph layouts.
file  LayoutStatistics.h [code]
 Declares class LayoutStatistics which provides various functions for computing statistical measures of a layout.
file  List.h [code]
 Declaration of doubly linked lists and iterators.
file  Logger.h [code]
 Contains logging functionality.
file  Math.h [code]
 Mathematical Helpers.
file  memory.h [code]
 Declaration of memory manager for allocating small pieces of memory.
file  MinHeap.h [code]
 Declares & Implements Binary Heap, and Top10Heap.
file  Module.h [code]
 Declares base class for all module types.
file  NearestRectangleFinder.h [code]
 Declaration of class NearestRectangleFinder.
file  NodeArray.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of NodeArray class.
file  NodeSet.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of ogdf::NodeSet.
file  PQTree.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of the class PQTree.
file  precondition.h [code]
 Declaration of functions for drawing module precondition handling.
file  PreprocessorLayout.h [code]
 Preprocessor Layout simplifies Graphs for use in other Algorithms.
file  PriorityQueue.h [code]
 Priority queue interface wrapping various heaps.
file  Queue.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of list-based queues (classes QueuePure<E> and Queue<E>).
file  Reverse.h [code]
 Implementation of the Reverse class for the reverse iteration of containers.
file  simple_graph_alg.h [code]
 Declaration of simple graph algorithms.
file  Skiplist.h [code]
 Declaration of class Skiplist.
file  SList.h [code]
 Declaration of singly linked lists and iterators.
file  SortedSequence.h [code]
 Data type for sorted sequences (based on skiplists)
file  STNumbering.h [code]
 Declaration of st-Numbering functions.
file  Stopwatch.h [code]
 Declaration of stopwatch classes.
file  SubsetEnumerator.h [code]
 A class that allows to enumerate k-subsets.
file  System.h [code]
 Decalration of System class which provides unified access to system information.
file  Thread.h [code]
 Declaration of Thread class representing threads.
file  Timeouter.h [code]
 Declares base class for modules with timeout functionality.
file  tuples.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of class Tuple2, Tuple3 and Tuple4.