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The global sifting heuristic for crossing minimization. More...

#include <ogdf/layered/GridSifting.h>

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Public Member Functions

int nRepeats ()
 Returns the current setting of option nRepeats.
void nRepeats (int num)
 Sets the option nRepeats to num.
const HierarchyLevelsBasereduceCrossings (const SugiyamaLayout &sugi, Hierarchy &H, int &nCrossings)
 Implementation of interface LateredCrossMinModule.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ogdf::LayeredCrossMinModule
 LayeredCrossMinModule ()
 Creates empty module.
virtual ~LayeredCrossMinModule ()
virtual void cleanup ()
 Performs clean-up.

Private Attributes

int m_nRepeats = 10

Detailed Description

The global sifting heuristic for crossing minimization.

Implementation of the global sifting heuristic based on C. Bachmaier, F. J. Brandenburg, W. Brunner, F. Hübner, Global k-Level Crossing Reduction, J. Graph Algorithms and Appl. 15(5), 2011, pp. 631-659. This class implements the interface LayeredCrossMinModule and should be used as a part of the Sugiyama algorithm for drawing layered graphs.

Definition at line 52 of file GridSifting.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ nRepeats() [1/2]

int ogdf::GlobalSifting::nRepeats ( )

Returns the current setting of option nRepeats.

This option determines, how many times the global sifting is repeated. Each repetition starts from permutation returned by the previous one. The first repetition starts from random permutation.

Definition at line 61 of file GridSifting.h.

◆ nRepeats() [2/2]

void ogdf::GlobalSifting::nRepeats ( int  num)

Sets the option nRepeats to num.

Definition at line 64 of file GridSifting.h.

◆ reduceCrossings()

const HierarchyLevelsBase * ogdf::GlobalSifting::reduceCrossings ( const SugiyamaLayout sugi,
Hierarchy H,
int nCrossings 

Implementation of interface LateredCrossMinModule.

Implements ogdf::LayeredCrossMinModule.

Definition at line 67 of file GridSifting.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_nRepeats

int ogdf::GlobalSifting::m_nRepeats = 10

Definition at line 76 of file GridSifting.h.

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