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32#pragma once
37namespace ogdf {
Declaration of CrossingMinimization Module, an interface for crossing minimization algorithms.
Declaration of class StarInserter.
Base class for crossing minimization algorithms.
A dual graph including its combinatorial embedding of an embedded graph.
Definition DualGraph.h:56
Dynamic arrays indexed with edges.
Definition EdgeArray.h:125
Copies of graphs supporting edge splitting.
Definition GraphCopy.h:254
Data type for general directed graphs (adjacency list representation).
Definition Graph_d.h:521
Doubly linked lists (maintaining the length of the list).
Definition List.h:1435
The return type of a module.
Definition Module.h:50
Class for the representation of nodes.
Definition Graph_d.h:177
Planarized representations (of a connected component) of a graph.
Definition PlanRep.h:57
Starts with a chordless cycle of the graph and then inserts each original node that is adjacent to al...
PlanarizerChordlessCycle(const PlanarizerChordlessCycle &planarizer)
Creates a PlanarizerChordlessCycle with the same settings as planarizer.
virtual ReturnType doCall(PlanRep &pr, int cc, const EdgeArray< int > *pCostOrig, const EdgeArray< bool > *pForbiddenOrig, const EdgeArray< uint32_t > *pEdgeSubGraphs, int &crossingNumber) override
Implements the algorithm call.
virtual CrossingMinimizationModule * clone() const override
Returns a new PlanarizerChordlessCycle with the same option settings.
PlanarizerChordlessCycle & operator=(const PlanarizerChordlessCycle &planarizer)
Assignment operator, copies option settings only.
Creates a PlanarizerChordlessCycle with default settings.
void transferToPlanRep(PlanRep &pr, const GraphCopy &graphCopy, const GraphCopy &copyCopy)
Creates crossings in pr that resemble the crossings in copyCopy.
void addToGraphCopy(GraphCopy &graphCopy, GraphCopy &copyCopy, DynamicDualGraph &dual, node vOrig, const EdgeArray< int > *pCostOrig, EdgeArray< int > *pCostCopy)
Creates a copy of vOrig in graphCopy and optimally inserts a copy of this copy in the planarization c...
bool findChordlessCycle(const Graph &G, List< node > &cycle)
StarInserter m_inserter
The StarInserter used to insert new nodes into the planarization.
Inserts a star (a vertex and its incident edges) optimally into an embedding.
Specifies that a function or class is exported by the OGDF DLL.
Definition config.h:101
static MultilevelBuilder * getDoubleFactoredZeroAdjustedMerger()
The namespace for all OGDF objects.