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36#pragma once
38#include <ogdf/basic/Graph.h>
39#include <ogdf/basic/PQTree.h>
40#include <ogdf/basic/SList.h>
44namespace ogdf {
Includes declaration of graph class.
Declaration and definition of the class MaxSequencePQTree.
Declaration and implementation of the class PQTree.
Declaration of class PlanarLeafKey.
Declaration of singly linked lists and iterators.
Class for the representation of edges.
Definition Graph_d.h:300
The class template MaxSequencePQTree is designed to compute a maximal consecutive sequence of pertine...
The class template PQLeafKey is a derived class of class template PQBasicKey.
Definition PQLeafKey.h:87
virtual int Initialize(SListPure< PlanarLeafKey * > &leafKeys)
Initializes a new PQ-tree with a set of leaves.
int Initialize(SListPure< PQLeafKey< edge, whaInfo *, bool > * > &leafKeys) override
void ReplacePartialRoot(SListPure< PlanarLeafKey * > &leafKeys)
Replaces a pertinet subtree by a set of new leaves if the root is partial.
void ReplaceRoot(SListPure< PlanarLeafKey * > &leafKeys)
Replaces the pertinent subtree by a set of new leaves.
virtual bool Reduction(SListPure< PlanarLeafKey * > &leafKeys, SList< PQLeafKey< edge, whaInfo *, bool > * > &eliminatedKeys)
Reduces a set of leaves.
void removeEliminatedLeaves(SList< PQLeafKey< edge, whaInfo *, bool > * > &eliminatedKeys)
Removes the leaves that have been marked for elimination from the PQ-tree.
bool Reduction(SListPure< PQLeafKey< edge, whaInfo *, bool > * > &leafKeys) override
void ReplaceFullRoot(SListPure< PlanarLeafKey * > &leafKeys)
Replaces a pertinet subtree by a set of new leaves if the root is full.
Singly linked lists (maintaining the length of the list).
Definition SList.h:833
Singly linked lists.
Definition SList.h:179
Specifies that a function or class is exported by the OGDF DLL.
Definition config.h:101
static MultilevelBuilder * getDoubleFactoredZeroAdjustedMerger()
The namespace for all OGDF objects.