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GML.h File Reference

GML related enums and string conversion functions. More...

#include <ogdf/basic/Graph.h>
#include <ogdf/basic/GraphAttributes.h>
#include <ogdf/basic/HashArray.h>
#include <string>

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struct  std::hash< ogdf::gml::Key >


namespace  ogdf
 The namespace for all OGDF objects.
namespace  ogdf::gml
namespace  std


enum class  ogdf::gml::Key {
  ogdf::gml::Id , ogdf::gml::Label , ogdf::gml::Creator , ogdf::gml::Name , ogdf::gml::Graph , ogdf::gml::Version , ogdf::gml::Directed , ogdf::gml::Node , ogdf::gml::Edge , ogdf::gml::Graphics , ogdf::gml::X , ogdf::gml::Y , ogdf::gml::Z , ogdf::gml::W ,
  ogdf::gml::H , ogdf::gml::Type , ogdf::gml::Width , ogdf::gml::Source , ogdf::gml::Target , ogdf::gml::Arrow , ogdf::gml::Outline , ogdf::gml::Point , ogdf::gml::Bends , ogdf::gml::Generalization , ogdf::gml::SubGraph , ogdf::gml::Fill , ogdf::gml::FillBg , ogdf::gml::Cluster ,
  ogdf::gml::Root , ogdf::gml::Vertex , ogdf::gml::Color , ogdf::gml::Height , ogdf::gml::Stipple , ogdf::gml::Pattern , ogdf::gml::LineWidth , ogdf::gml::Template , ogdf::gml::Weight , ogdf::gml::EdgeIntWeight , ogdf::gml::Unknown
enum class  ogdf::gml::ObjectType { ogdf::gml::IntValue , ogdf::gml::DoubleValue , ogdf::gml::StringValue , ogdf::gml::ListBegin , ogdf::gml::ListEnd , ogdf::gml::Key , ogdf::gml::Eof , ogdf::gml::Error }


EdgeArrow ogdf::gml::toArrow (const std::string &str)
Key ogdf::gml::toKey (const std::string &str)
Graph::NodeType ogdf::gml::toNodeType (const std::string &str)
std::string ogdf::gml::toString (const EdgeArrow &arrow)
std::string ogdf::gml::toString (const Graph::NodeType &type)
std::string ogdf::gml::toString (const Key &attr)

Detailed Description

GML related enums and string conversion functions.

J├Âran Schierbaum
This file is part of the Open Graph Drawing Framework (OGDF).
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Definition in file GML.h.