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32#pragma once
37namespace ogdf {
Declares ogdf::EmbedderMaxFace.
Definition of MDMFLengthAttribute.
Class for adjacency list elements.
Definition Graph_d.h:79
Dynamic arrays indexed with edges.
Definition EdgeArray.h:125
Embedder that maximizes the external face.
Embedding that minimizes block-nesting depth and maximizes the external face.
NodeArray< List< node > > M2
M2 is empty, if |M_B| != 1, otherwise M_B = {cH} M2 = {cH' in V_B \ {v} | m_B(cH') = m2} with m2 = ma...
EdgeArray< int > cB
an array saving the length for each edge in the BC-tree
NodeArray< int > mf_nodeLength
is saving for each node of the block graph its length
NodeArray< MDMFLengthAttribute > mdmf_nodeLength
is saving for each node of the block graph its length
void topDownTraversal(const node &bT)
Top-down-traversal of BC-tree.
NodeArray< int > md_nodeLength
saving for each node in the block graph its length
int bottomUpTraversal(const node &bT, const node &cH)
Bottom-up-traversal of bcTree computing the values m_{cT, bT} for all edges (cT, bT) in the BC-tree.
NodeArray< int > mf_cstrLength
is saving for each node of the block graph its cstrLength
NodeArray< List< node > > md_M_B
M_B = {cH in B | m_B(cH) = m_B} with m_B = max{m_B(c) : c in B} and m_B(c) = max( {0} cup {m_{c,...
virtual void embedBlock(const node &bT, const node &cT, ListIterator< adjEntry > &after) override
Computes the adjacency list for all nodes in a block and calls recursively the function for all block...
virtual void doCall(Graph &G, adjEntry &adjExternal) override
Call embedder algorithm.
int constraintMaxFace(const node &bT, const node &cH) override
Bottom up traversal of BC-tree.
void maximumFaceRec(const node &bT, node &bT_opt, int &ell_opt) override
Top down traversal of BC-tree.
NodeArray< int > minDepth
an array containing the minimum depth of each block
NodeArray< int > maxFaceSize
an array containing the maximum face size of each block
EdgeArray< MDMFLengthAttribute > edgeLength
is saving for each edge of the block graph its length
Data type for general directed graphs (adjacency list representation).
Definition Graph_d.h:521
Encapsulates a pointer to a list element.
Definition List.h:103
Dynamic arrays indexed with nodes.
Definition NodeArray.h:125
Class for the representation of nodes.
Definition Graph_d.h:177
Specifies that a function or class is exported by the OGDF DLL.
Definition config.h:101
static MultilevelBuilder * getDoubleFactoredZeroAdjustedMerger()
The namespace for all OGDF objects.