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ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph Struct Reference

#include <ogdf/fileformats/DotParser.h>

Public Member Functions

 Graph (const bool &paramStrict, const bool &dir, std::string *idString, StmtList *statementList)
 ~Graph ()
bool read (Parser &P, ogdf::Graph &G, GraphAttributes *GA, ClusterGraph *C, ClusterGraphAttributes *CA)

Public Attributes

const bool directed
std::string * id
const bool strict

Detailed Description

Definition at line 172 of file DotParser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Graph()

ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph::Graph ( const bool paramStrict,
const bool dir,
std::string *  idString,
StmtList statementList 

◆ ~Graph()

ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph::~Graph ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ read()

bool ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph::read ( Parser P,
ogdf::Graph G,
GraphAttributes GA,
ClusterGraph C,
ClusterGraphAttributes CA 

Member Data Documentation

◆ directed

const bool ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph::directed

Definition at line 174 of file DotParser.h.

◆ id

std::string* ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph::id

Definition at line 175 of file DotParser.h.

◆ statements

StmtList* ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph::statements

Definition at line 177 of file DotParser.h.

◆ strict

const bool ogdf::dot::Ast::Graph::strict

Definition at line 173 of file DotParser.h.

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