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ogdf::WInfo Struct Reference

Saves information about a pertinent node w between two stopping vertices. More...

#include <ogdf/planarity/boyer_myrvold/FindKuratowskis.h>

Public Types

enum class  MinorType { A = 0x0001 , B = 0x0002 , C = 0x0004 , D = 0x0008 , E = 0x0010 }
 All possible base minortypes on w. More...

Public Attributes

SListIterator< ExternEexternEEnd
SListIterator< ExternEexternEStart
node firstExternEAfterW
ArrayBuffer< adjEntry > * highestXYPath
int minorType
SListPure< SListPure< edge > > pertinentPaths
bool pxAboveStopX
bool pyAboveStopY
node w
ArrayBuffer< adjEntry > * zPath

Detailed Description

Saves information about a pertinent node w between two stopping vertices.

In particular links to appropriate highest-XY-Path and z-nodes are maintained

Definition at line 55 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ MinorType

All possible base minortypes on w.


Definition at line 59 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ externEEnd

SListIterator<ExternE> ogdf::WInfo::externEEnd

Definition at line 77 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ externEStart

SListIterator<ExternE> ogdf::WInfo::externEStart

Definition at line 76 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ firstExternEAfterW

node ogdf::WInfo::firstExternEAfterW

Definition at line 78 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ highestXYPath

ArrayBuffer<adjEntry>* ogdf::WInfo::highestXYPath

Definition at line 68 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ minorType

int ogdf::WInfo::minorType

Definition at line 66 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ pertinentPaths

SListPure<SListPure<edge> > ogdf::WInfo::pertinentPaths

Definition at line 74 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ pxAboveStopX

bool ogdf::WInfo::pxAboveStopX

Definition at line 71 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ pyAboveStopY

bool ogdf::WInfo::pyAboveStopY

Definition at line 72 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ w

node ogdf::WInfo::w

Definition at line 56 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

◆ zPath

ArrayBuffer<adjEntry>* ogdf::WInfo::zPath

Definition at line 69 of file FindKuratowskis.h.

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