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 This class implements a branching rule for modifying the lower and the upper bound of a variable.
 bounded priority queue.
 Base class for branching rules.
 branching rule for constraints.
 constraint classification.
 constraints and variables.
 candidates for fixing.
 status of fixed and set variables.
 hash table.
 solution history
 infeasible constraints.
 linear program.
 the lp master.
 the osi master.
 linear program of a subproblem.
 status of variables.
 the master of the optimization.
 standard pool without constraint duplication.
 constraint defined by a number.
 variable identified by a number.
 open subproblems.
 sense of optimization.
 constraint using row.
 branching rule for setting.
 status of slack variables
 sparse vector.
 constraint using row with static variable set.
 standard pool.
 tailing off manager.
 branching rule for values.