Graph Drawing

 v. 2023.09 (Elderberry)

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 Declaration of class FixedEmbeddingInserterUML.
 Declaration of interface for planar layout algorithms for UML diagrams (used in planarization approach).
 Declaration of class OrthoLayoutUML which represents an orthogonal planar drawing algorithm for mixed-upward embedded graphs.
 Declaration of class PlanarizationLayoutUML.
 Declaration of class PlanRepUML.
 Declaration of class SubgraphPlanarizerUML.
 Declaration of CrossingMinimization Module, an interface for crossing minimization algorithms.
 Contains the class UmlDiagramGraph which represents one particular diagram of the complete UML Model.
 Declaration of interface for edge insertion algorithms.
 Declaration of class UMLGraph.
 Declaration of interface for layout algorithms for UML diagrams.
 Contains the class UmlModelGraph which represents the complete UML Model in a graph like data structure.
 Declaration of class VariablEmbeddingInserterDynUML.
 Declaration of class VariablEmbeddingInserterUML.