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ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore Class Reference

#include <ogdf/planarity/embedding_inserter/VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore:

Public Member Functions

 VarEdgeInserterDynCore (PlanRepLight &pr, const EdgeArray< int > *pCostOrig, const EdgeArray< bool > *pForbiddenOrig, const EdgeArray< uint32_t > *pEdgeSubgraphs)
virtual ~VarEdgeInserterDynCore ()
Module::ReturnType call (const Array< edge > &origEdges, RemoveReinsertType rrPost, double percentMostCrossed)
int runsPostprocessing () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ogdf::Timeouter
 Timeouter ()
 timeout is turned of by default More...
 Timeouter (bool t)
 timeout is turned off (false) or on (true) (with 0 second) More...
 Timeouter (const Timeouter &t)
 Timeouter (double t)
 timeout is set to the given value (seconds) More...
 ~Timeouter ()
bool isTimeLimit () const
 returns whether any time limit is set or not More...
Timeouteroperator= (const Timeouter &t)
double timeLimit () const
 returns the current time limit for the call More...
void timeLimit (bool t)
 shorthand to turn timelimit off or on (with 0 seconds) More...
void timeLimit (double t)
 sets the time limit for the call (in seconds); <0 means no limit. More...

Protected Member Functions

void blockInsert (node s, node t, List< adjEntry > &L)
virtual void buildSubpath (node v, node vPred, node vSucc, List< adjEntry > &L, ExpandedGraph &Exp, node s, node t)
int costCrossed (edge eOrig) const
virtual BCandSPQRtrees * createBCandSPQRtrees ()
virtual ExpandedGraph * createExpandedGraph (BCandSPQRtrees &BC)
void insert (edge eOrig, SList< adjEntry > &eip)
virtual void storeTypeOfCurrentEdge (edge eOrig)

Protected Attributes

BCandSPQRtrees * m_pBC
const EdgeArray< int > * m_pCost
const EdgeArray< bool > * m_pForbidden
const EdgeArray< uint32_t > * m_pSubgraph
int m_runsPostprocessing
 Runs of remove-reinsert method. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ogdf::Timeouter
double m_timeLimit
 Time limit for module calls (< 0 means no limit). More...

Static Protected Attributes

static const int c_bigM = 10000

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VarEdgeInserterDynCore()

ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::VarEdgeInserterDynCore ( PlanRepLight pr,
const EdgeArray< int > *  pCostOrig,
const EdgeArray< bool > *  pForbiddenOrig,
const EdgeArray< uint32_t > *  pEdgeSubgraphs 

Definition at line 47 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ ~VarEdgeInserterDynCore()

virtual ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::~VarEdgeInserterDynCore ( )

Definition at line 54 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ blockInsert()

void ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::blockInsert ( node  s,
node  t,
List< adjEntry > &  L 

◆ buildSubpath()

virtual void ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::buildSubpath ( node  v,
node  vPred,
node  vSucc,
List< adjEntry > &  L,
ExpandedGraph &  Exp,
node  s,
node  t 

◆ call()

Module::ReturnType ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::call ( const Array< edge > &  origEdges,
RemoveReinsertType  rrPost,
double  percentMostCrossed 

◆ costCrossed()

int ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::costCrossed ( edge  eOrig) const

◆ createBCandSPQRtrees()

virtual BCandSPQRtrees* ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::createBCandSPQRtrees ( )

◆ createExpandedGraph()

virtual ExpandedGraph* ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::createExpandedGraph ( BCandSPQRtrees &  BC)

◆ insert()

void ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::insert ( edge  eOrig,
SList< adjEntry > &  eip 

◆ runsPostprocessing()

int ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::runsPostprocessing ( ) const

Definition at line 61 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ storeTypeOfCurrentEdge()

virtual void ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::storeTypeOfCurrentEdge ( edge  eOrig)

Reimplemented in ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynUMLCore.

Definition at line 72 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ c_bigM

const int ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::c_bigM = 10000

Definition at line 84 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ m_pBC

BCandSPQRtrees* ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::m_pBC

Definition at line 91 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ m_pCost

const EdgeArray<int>* ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::m_pCost

Definition at line 87 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ m_pForbidden

const EdgeArray<bool>* ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::m_pForbidden

Definition at line 88 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ m_pr

PlanRepLight& ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::m_pr

Definition at line 85 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ m_pSubgraph

const EdgeArray<uint32_t>* ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::m_pSubgraph

Definition at line 89 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

◆ m_runsPostprocessing

int ogdf::VarEdgeInserterDynCore::m_runsPostprocessing

Runs of remove-reinsert method.

Definition at line 93 of file VarEdgeInserterDynCore.h.

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