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The independent set merger for multilevel layout. More...

#include <ogdf/energybased/multilevel_mixer/IndependentSetMerger.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ogdf::IndependentSetMerger:

Public Member Functions

 IndependentSetMerger ()
void buildAllLevels (MultilevelGraph &MLG) override
void setSearchDepthBase (float base)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ogdf::MultilevelBuilder
 MultilevelBuilder ()
virtual ~MultilevelBuilder ()
int getNumLevels ()
void setEdgeLengthAdjustment (int factor)

Private Member Functions

bool buildOneLevel (MultilevelGraph &MLG) override
 This method constructs one more level on top of an existing MultilevelGraph.
bool buildOneLevel (MultilevelGraph &MLG, std::vector< node > &levelNodes)
std::vector< nodeprebuildLevel (const Graph &G, const std::vector< node > &oldLevelNodes, int level)

Private Attributes

float m_base

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ogdf::MultilevelBuilder
int m_adjustEdgeLengths
int m_numLevels
 stores number of levels for statistics purposes

Detailed Description

The independent set merger for multilevel layout.

Definition at line 42 of file IndependentSetMerger.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IndependentSetMerger()

ogdf::IndependentSetMerger::IndependentSetMerger ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildAllLevels()

void ogdf::IndependentSetMerger::buildAllLevels ( MultilevelGraph MLG)

Reimplemented from ogdf::MultilevelBuilder.

◆ buildOneLevel() [1/2]

bool ogdf::IndependentSetMerger::buildOneLevel ( MultilevelGraph MLG)

This method constructs one more level on top of an existing MultilevelGraph.

It must be implemented in any MultilevelBuilder. A level is built by adding node-merges to the MultilevelGraph and updating the graph accordingly. This is achieved by calling MLG.

MLGis the MultilevelGraph for which a new gevel will be built.
true if the Graph was changed or false if no level can be built.

Implements ogdf::MultilevelBuilder.

Definition at line 49 of file IndependentSetMerger.h.

◆ buildOneLevel() [2/2]

bool ogdf::IndependentSetMerger::buildOneLevel ( MultilevelGraph MLG,
std::vector< node > &  levelNodes 

◆ prebuildLevel()

std::vector< node > ogdf::IndependentSetMerger::prebuildLevel ( const Graph G,
const std::vector< node > &  oldLevelNodes,
int  level 

◆ setSearchDepthBase()

void ogdf::IndependentSetMerger::setSearchDepthBase ( float  base)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_base

float ogdf::IndependentSetMerger::m_base

Definition at line 44 of file IndependentSetMerger.h.

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