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ogdf::CrossingMinimalPositionApxWeighted Class Reference

#include <ogdf/geometric/CrossingMinimalPosition.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CrossingMinimalPositionApxWeighted ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ogdf::CrossingMinimalPosition< FT >
 CrossingMinimalPosition ()
 ~CrossingMinimalPosition ()
DPoint call (GraphAttributes &GA, node v)
 computes a good position for the vertex v with respect to GA
void computePositionInOptimalRegion (const bool within_region)
 If the value within_region is set to false, the algorithm samples points outside the optimal region.
unsigned int neighborThreshold () const
void setExactComputation ()
void setNeighboorhoodThreshold (const unsigned int threshold)
 The algortihm randomly partitions the neighbor of the vertex into blocks of size threshold.
void setSampleSize (const unsigned int number_of_edge_samples, const unsigned int number_of_point_samples)
 set the number of edges that are randomly selected to compute the new vertex postion and the number of points that are tested within the best region.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ogdf::VertexPositionModule
 VertexPositionModule ()
 ~VertexPositionModule ()
DPoint operator() (GraphAttributes &GA, node v)
 computes a good position for the vertex v with respect to GA
void setBoundingBox (double x_min, double y_min, double x_max, double y_max)
 Vertex has to be moved within the given bound.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ogdf::CrossingMinimalPosition< FT >
unsigned int m_neighborhood_threshold = 100
unsigned int m_number_of_edge_samples = -1
unsigned int m_number_of_point_samples = 1
bool m_within_region = true
std::mt19937_64 rnd
- Protected Attributes inherited from ogdf::VertexPositionModule
double m_x_max = 1
double m_x_min = 0
double m_y_max = 1
double m_y_min = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 134 of file CrossingMinimalPosition.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CrossingMinimalPositionApxWeighted()

ogdf::CrossingMinimalPositionApxWeighted::CrossingMinimalPositionApxWeighted ( )

Definition at line 136 of file CrossingMinimalPosition.h.

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