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OGDF » Developer's Guide » Compiler Defines

Compiler Defines

Here we list some of the available compiler definitions and macros.

Defines set by OGDF

Definition Location Description
OGDF_DEBUG build configuration Perform OGDF assertions if compiled in Debug mode.
OGDF_HEAVY_DEBUG build configuration Perform demanding OGDF assertions that might heavily increase runtime.
OGDF_USE_ASSERT_EXCEPTIONS build configuration Throw exceptions instead of exiting by assert().
OGDF_USE_ASSERT_EXCEPTIONS_WITH_STACK_TRACE build configuration If assert exceptions are thrown, add a stack trace in the what() string.
OGDF_FUNCTION_NAME build configuration Either __func__ or __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ if available. Only set if OGDF_DEBUG and OGDF_USE_ASSERT_EXCEPTIONS is set.
OGDF_DLL build configuration Building or using ODFG as a DLL.
OGDF_INSTALL build configuration Building ODFG as a DLL.
OGDF_MEMORY_POOL_TS build configuration OGDF uses the custom thread-safe pool memory manager (default).
OGDF_MEMORY_POOL_NTS build configuration OGDF uses the custom non-thread-safe pool memory manager.
OGDF_MEMORY_MALLOC_TS build configuration OGDF uses the default c++ memory manager.
OGDF_HAS_LINUX_CPU_MACROS build configuration Set if macros like CPU_SET are available.
OGDF_HAS_MALLINFO2 build configuration Set if mallinfo2() is available.
OGDF_SSE3_EXTENSIONS build configuration Set to the (system-specific) path of intrinsics (eg, <intrin.h>) or not defined.
COIN_OSI_CLP build configuration Clp is the linear program solver (default).
COIN_OSI_GRB build configuration Gurobi is the linear program solver.
COIN_OSI_CPX build configuration CPLEX is the linear program solver.
OGDF_INCLUDE_CGAL build configuration OGDF is built with components using the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
OGDF_SYSTEM_WINDOWS basic/internal/config.h Compiling for a Windows system.
OGDF_SYSTEM_UNIX basic/internal/config.h Compiling for a UNIX system.
OGDF_SYSTEM_OSX basic/internal/config.h Compiling for a Mac OS X system; in this case OGDF_SYSTEM_UNIX is also defined.
OGDF_ARCH_X86 basic/System.h Compiling for a 32-bit x86 (Intel/AMD) architecture.
OGDF_ARCH_X64 basic/System.h Compiling for a 64-bit x64 (Intel/AMD) architecture.

Useful Macros

You can find a list of useful macros in the Doxygen documentation.