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ogdf::ListContainer< E, Master > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >, including all inherited members.

back() constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
back()ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
begin() constogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >inline
ogdf::List::begin()ogdf::ListPure< E >inline
bucketSort(int l, int h, BucketFunc< E > &f)ogdf::ListPure< E >private
cbegin() constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cend() constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
chooseElement(std::function< bool(const E &)> includeElement=[](const E &) { return true;}, bool isFastTest=true) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
chooseElement(std::function< bool(const E &)> includeElement=[](const E &) { return true;}, bool isFastTest=true)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
chooseIterator(std::function< bool(const E &)> includeElement=[](const E &) { return true;}, bool isFastTest=true) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
chooseIterator(std::function< bool(const E &)> includeElement=[](const E &) { return true;}, bool isFastTest=true)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
clear()ogdf::List< E >inline
conc(List< E > &L2)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::conc(ListPure< E > &L2)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
concFront(List< E > &L2)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::concFront(ListPure< E > &L2)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
const_iterator typedefogdf::ListPure< E >private
const_reference typedefogdf::ListPure< E >private
const_reverse_iterator typedefogdf::ListPure< E >private
copy(const ListPure< E > &L)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
crbegin() constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
crend() constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicPred(const_iterator it) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicPred(iterator it)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicPred(const_reverse_iterator it) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicPred(reverse_iterator it)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicSucc(const_iterator it) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicSucc(iterator it)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicSucc(const_reverse_iterator it) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
cyclicSucc(reverse_iterator it)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
del(iterator it)ogdf::List< E >inline
emplaceBack(Args &&... args)ogdf::List< E >inline
emplaceFront(Args &&... args)ogdf::List< E >inline
empty() constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
end() constogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >inline
ogdf::List::end()ogdf::ListPure< E >inline
exchange(iterator it1, iterator it2)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
front() constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
front()ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
get(int pos) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
get(int pos)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
getListPure() constogdf::List< E >inline
insert(const E &x, iterator it, Direction dir=Direction::after)ogdf::List< E >inline
insertAfter(const E &x, iterator it)ogdf::List< E >inline
insertBefore(const E &x, iterator it)ogdf::List< E >inline
iterator typedefogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >
List()ogdf::List< E >inline
List(std::initializer_list< E > init)ogdf::List< E >inline
List(const List< E > &L)ogdf::List< E >inline
List(List< E > &&L)ogdf::List< E >inline
ListPure()ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ListPure(std::initializer_list< E > init)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ListPure(const ListPure< E > &L)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ListPure(ListPure< E > &&L)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
m_countogdf::List< E >private
m_headogdf::ListPure< E >private
m_tailogdf::ListPure< E >private
Masterogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >private
moveToBack(iterator it, List< E > &L2)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::moveToBack(iterator it)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ogdf::ListPure::moveToBack(iterator it, ListPure< E > &L2)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
moveToFront(iterator it, List< E > &L2)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::moveToFront(iterator it)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ogdf::ListPure::moveToFront(iterator it, ListPure< E > &L2)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
moveToPrec(iterator it, List< E > &L2, iterator itAfter)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::moveToPrec(iterator it, iterator itAfter)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ogdf::ListPure::moveToPrec(iterator it, ListPure< E > &L2, iterator itAfter)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
moveToSucc(iterator it, List< E > &L2, iterator itBefore)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::moveToSucc(iterator it, iterator itBefore)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ogdf::ListPure::moveToSucc(iterator it, ListPure< E > &L2, iterator itBefore)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
operator!=(const List< E > &L) constogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::operator!=(const ListPure< E > &L) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
operator=(const List< E > &L)ogdf::List< E >inline
operator=(List< E > &&L)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::operator=(const ListPure< E > &L)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
ogdf::ListPure::operator=(ListPure< E > &&L)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
operator==(const List< E > &L) constogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::operator==(const ListPure< E > &L) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
permute()ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
permute(RNG &rng)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
permute(const int n, RNG &rng)ogdf::ListPure< E >private
popBack()ogdf::List< E >inline
popBackRet()ogdf::List< E >inline
popFront()ogdf::List< E >inline
popFrontRet()ogdf::List< E >inline
pos(const_iterator it) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
pushBack(const E &x)ogdf::List< E >inline
pushFront(const E &x)ogdf::List< E >inline
quicksort()ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
quicksort(const COMPARER &comp)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
rbegin() constogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >inline
ogdf::List::rbegin()ogdf::ListPure< E >inline
reassignListRefs(ListElement< E > *start=nullptr)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
reference typedefogdf::ListPure< E >private
removeFirst(const E &x)ogdf::List< E >inline
rend() constogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >inline
ogdf::List::rend()ogdf::ListPure< E >inline
reverse()ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
reverse_iterator typedefogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >
search(const E &e) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
search(const E &e)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
search(const E &e, const COMPARER &comp) constogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
search(const E &e, const COMPARER &comp)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
size() constogdf::ListContainer< E, Master >inlinevirtual
split(iterator it, List< E > &L1, List< E > &L2, Direction dir=Direction::before)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::split(iterator it, ListPure< E > &L1, ListPure< E > &L2, Direction dir=Direction::before)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
splitAfter(iterator it, ListPure< E > &L2)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
splitBefore(iterator it, ListPure< E > &L2)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
swap(List< E > &other)ogdf::List< E >inline
ogdf::ListPure::swap(ListPure< E > &other)ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivate
value_type typedefogdf::ListPure< E >private
~ListPure()ogdf::ListPure< E >inlineprivatevirtual